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What is the best way to promote my gig

I want to promote my gig but i am confuse how to marketing my gig service? I also rank my gig in first page & increase my sell.

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Eoin has some wise :mage: words to share with you. :wink:

There are thousands of gigs on Fiverr and only 48 of them fit on the first page.

Fiverr rotates the gigs that appear on the first page according to their secret :shushing_face: algorithm. No one has the :key: to the secret of how the first page gigs are chosen.

If you promise to tell me the secret of ranking on the first page if you discover that secret. I promise to tell you the secret if I find it. :wink:


okk. thanks for the information. many seller marketing on social media. Is there any benefit to it? i am confuse

Read Eoin’s post for the answer. :slightly_smiling_face:


SHARE YOUR knowlwdge on forums…

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thanks @vickiespencer .

thanks @sachinsinghkm for the suggestion. i try to share my knowledge

Your services appear in the first row according to your positive evaluation and the number of sales, but there is a way to help your services appear at least, is to focus on participation social networking Forum in particular

I do not focus or participate in any social networking forums and my gigs show just fine in the search pages. :slightly_smiling_face:

@zerouali how do yours do since you must do social networking since you promote it? :thinking: