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What is the best way to promote this great seo offer I have on fiverr?


What is the best way to promote this great seo offer I have on fiverr?

Also does anyone have a special characters list I can use?

I Didn’t know which section to post in :confused:


I have a gut feeling that this seller’s account may have been hacked.

Seems like they have a gig that was doing ok, made level 2, then the sudden change to black-hat tactics? Doesn’t make sense.


Reply to @kjblynx: There genuine questions. I just happened to add my link.



You didn’t know which section to post in? Well, not everyone has a good understanding of English. Here’s an easy explanation of the forums:

“Tips for Sellers” is to post tips for sellers.

“Tips for Buyers” is to post tips for buyers.

“Fiverr Stories” is to post your Fiverr stories.

“Chit Chat” is to post general topic discussions, “chit chat”.

“Fiverr FAQ” is to post questions and answers to how the site works.


“The Ranting Pot” is to post complaints, for example complaints about all the spammers on the forums.

“Bugs” is to discuss technical issues and problems.

If anything is unclear, try reading the forum rules - the link is on the top of every page in the forum - and if you still don’t understand, post a question in the Fiverr FAQ forum.

Don’t SPAM the forums. It’s rude, and it won’t bring you sales. That includes hijacking a topic or writing an extraneous post just to put your link on it.


Reply to @celticmoon: Maybe there should be a forum called SPAM for SPAM lovers. All spammers could post there and read there. To be clear, the forum called SPAM would be for spam. :-D. Thanks for the chuckle.


Hey! don’t trash my thread. Simple mistake. Now I know. Thanks for being genuinely eager to help. Now lets move along. Nothing to see here.