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What is the best way to send custom offer for monthly website maintenance job?

Hello Everyone & Thank you for taking a look at this topic.

I got a client who wants to give me this job where He wants to monthly support but I have not done any such monthly basis work before that.

How to send an offer will be good for me?

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Hello @avro01, hahaha funny name. Here in the Netherlands Avro is as big as BBC is in Britain, hmmm sorry I’m out of topic here :rofl:

This client is she/he interested in a project related to your Gig? Or did you receive a message with a file saying ‘‘read this and if you’re interested please get back to me?’’ If this is the case, I have to disappoint you but this is spam and you should block this person immediately. This person will take advantage of you and makes you work for FREE. But please before you do this reply to the message first and then block this person

However, If this is not the case, then I have to congratulate you because this person truly believes in you and want to have a long-term partnership. For further help, I suggest to way for someone else who can give you feedback on your topic as I’m not qualified for that. I am new here and I don’t have all the answers yet. I wish you the best of luck. Kind regards, Humberto

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avro01 is my fiver username!! I was sent offer in his buyer request then he gave me message. I saw some 5 star buyer review in his profile.