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What is the best way to solve this problem

I completed this order 100% as per the requirement. I was forced to cancel abruptly if the buyer gave a bad review. He did not say anything when he was contacted during the work. He cancels the order as soon as delivery is complete. And did not visit his website. And within two minutes he began to catch mistakes at work. They are not exactly right. so that close location can be identified using the My Geo WordPress This was his requirement. I was always ready to work according to his instructions. Since his work is 100% complete, he has never felt the need to give a reivision. If he wants to change something, I agree. but requestsed me to cancel the order. I Canceled the order for fear of bad review. If this happens then I will work but I will not get money? This has been the case with my five orders.

This is typical scammer behaviour. Stop cancelling, raise your prices, take out any reference to unlimited revisions, guarantees etc … and remind these scammers that since they have cancelled, they are not entitled to use the work you have provided. Raise a DCMA request to their host if you catch them at it (google it)