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What is the best way to stay Online?

Download Fiverr on your mobile and stay online.

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Why post a such a response?

It adds nothing to the level of understanding of forum users.

And I’m sure you realise that the desperate sellers are only going to beg you to reveal the ‘secret’. To anyone new reading this, there is no secret - don’t believe such nonsense.

While ‘staying online’ is a much discussed topic on the forum, to anyone coming to this topic for the time - there are two things you need to know:

  1. Using a page refresher will get you a warning or banned.
  2. Most successful sellers will tell you most of their orders happen when they are not online.

That’s it. That’s the reality.

If you’ve seen one of the many YouTube videos or read a ‘how to succeed’ guide about Fiverr that instructs you to stay online, then follow it if you want to. But I’m telling you now that it is bad advice that will only waste your time.


Could you tell this to my American clients and clients I have time zone differences with? They will be more than happy to answer it, from buyer’s perspective.

Edit: Did you know there are sellers in here offering coaching/VA and services that demand real time interaction so staying offline means they can’t sell?

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Good sellers don’t hang around like a bad smell desperately waiting for an order.

They respond to messages when they are in ‘work hours’ and then diary in a mutually convenient time with the buyer.

Can we please stop spreading the myth that you have to be online to get a sale. You don’t.


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‘Sleep deprivation is your drug of choice’? What a lot of nonsense.

This is a harmful message that many health practitioners and clinical psychologists would slam as a harmful lifestyle choice.


You keep using “most” & “many” in your messages. Sometimes you are right, sometimes you are not. In example, did you know “Fiverr Pros” is for top 1% and there aren’t many in each category?

If you are not willing to lose some sleep temporarily to achieve your goals, don’t do it. Go hug your teddy bear and sleep as much as you feel like. Simple as that. Rest of people who choose not to, most probably those who lose their sleep now, make others lose their sleep later, indirectly.

Some professions demand sleep deprivation and pay well. In example if you are into Forex/stock market you will understand that staying online is crucial.
Frequently, buyers will pay sellers to stay online for their forum/business/VA/forex etc etc - They pay you, to deliver what they want because they want to sleep. If that means sleep deprivation and it has a price for you, do it or don’t. Nobody forces you.

Fiverr - In Doers we trust


We are clearly not going to agree.

I promote good mental health, good physical health and respect to all.

Encouraging sleep deprivation is never a good thing, and I know of mental health experts and campaigners who would absolutely slam that advert you posted for being highly irresponsible.

There is a massive distinction between highly focussed career-driven individuals on a mission for financial gains on the stock market vs misguided and inexperienced Fiverr sellers who are following bad advice and who are desperate to secure a sale at any cost to their health and relationships.

You have your view. I have mine. My experience is that you don’t need to be online to make a sale.


Finally, we agree that we disagree. Except the respect that is not one-sided.

Do you know what sleep deprivation means to a PhD during his final years? You are talking to one.
Do you know what sleep deprivation means to a doctor at a hospital? He chose it. He loses his sleep to save lives.
If everyone in the world wanted to sleep 8 hours a day, we would be less happy. Trust me.

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Thank you dear friend

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Thank you !!! @maitasun

I think so . I only sleep 3/4 hours

That’s great really @english_voice

I stay ‘online’ by looking at buyers request often, when I have no orders. This does not mean that I am on Fiverr 24/7. It just means a quick check every now and then during the day.

I also leave Fiverr open on my computer, because if I get messages, I hear them and can respond quickly.

If I am extremely busy, I don’t bother to bid for work on buyers request. It all depends what you would like to do. Remember, if you are new, you will have to put all in to staying online. But there is no need to overdo it.

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I will have to agree with you on this.

This happens to people who sleep too much and put their sleep need over clients orders:


Thanks you so much dear

I really appreciate it.Thank you

Interesting. Thank you @corsogr

i guess you can stay online for a long time on computer. how i do: i open Fiverr on the other tab on computer and then I just serf on the internet as usual. also my computer is switched on for like all day long cause i do my studying work here. i always thought that this stuff kind of those that`s going to work out, but i have never cheked that. but well, i hope i helped a little bit :wink:

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That’s really a great method for you.Appreciate it.Thanks