What is the best way to withdraw money from Fiverr (PayPal or Bank Transfer) for Indian seller?



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I want to make my first withdrawal from Fiverr. So, like many others, I did some research and tried to figure out the best option to maximize the earnings (final amount received in a bank account in India). But somehow I am not satisfied with the information. Either they are obsolete or not to the point.

Let’s say I want to withdraw $200 and market conversion rate is INR 67 per $, what is the best option - PayPal or Bank Transfer (Payoneer)? How much money will get deposited to my “bank account” eventually?

Please share your experiences. Thank you.


Please read our the following article where the aforementioned sellers (who are indian) discuss this in detail


I am so thankful to you for the reply. Read that thread thoroughly. For once I that that post was of Jan’16. But it was actually just a month old. Thanks a bunch! :slight_smile: