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What is the best way to write an offer letter?

Many of them think it is actually the Gig that devotes a buyer to place an order. Thus we all are involved in makeover our gig only. In my understanding, it works only while a buyer directly knows where to get the service from or looks for experienced sellers. But what matters when you are attending a buyer requests? I guess it is the cover letter or offer letter. Also, it is very important for us, especially who are new sellers. As a new seller, I do not expect more sell through direct clicks thus I always try to attain as many buyer requests as possible (10 for a day) and like my practice others are also doing this. In fact, many of them can be level sellers. I guess with them my point of competitive advantage is my offer Letter.

What an offer letter must include:

  1. Start with a “thanks”
  2. Make the buyer realize that you understand his requirements and can deliver the work.
  3. Why the buyer should hire you?
  4. Give a glimpse of your working experience or Portfolio.
  5. Divert the buyer toward the private message.

Hope the article will help you to some extent. Even if you have further suggestions please feel free to share.


Why would you start with “thanks”?


Coz if you start with a Thanks to the buyer for his request, to some extent you are ahead from others as no one do so and everyone likes to get a thanks. I think it in this way.

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A “thanks” for no real reason just looks unnatural, like the one saying it doesn’t know how to communicate properly.


As I said Thanks the buyer for making the post in Fiverr which is the reason. He or she might go to other marketplace. As long you are thanking him or her for the post he or she made might get influenced by you and it is like you are thanking on behalf of Fiverr as well. Actually, I am discussing to clear my viewpoint. Please share if you have other point of view. And many thanks for your comment

Thanking them for making a requests reminds me of numerous sellers who end every forum post with “thanks”. It’s just unnatural. Sure, you might look different from others, but not necessarily in a good way.

As for what works when sending offers, there are numerous posts on the forum about it. You can use the little magnifying glass symbol on the top right corner of the page to look for them.


Got it, but i do not know what seemed unnatural to you. Again, I know I can search the topics, but that will limit thinking my own way out. Hope you understand…:heart_eyes:

OMG thanks for this :arrow_up: very important message.

Doesn’t that seem unnatural to you? If not, IDK what to say :no_mouth:


I second what @catwriter said.


Reading what others have to say about something will limit thinking your own way out?

Anyway, what I meant by suggesting you search for other topics is that it would be pointless to repeat the reasons that have been explained many times before.

And it’s not about what looks unnatural to me; I’m not going to buy from you. Unless there’s a culture where it’s natural to start your offer with “thank you for posting your request” (I’m not saying this in a negative way, I’m just not aware of a culture where that kind of communication would be the norm), it will look unnatural to your potential buyers, and might put them off, thus making them choose someone else.

These are more than enough to stand out of the crowd.

If you do a good job of the above-mentioned things, you don’t really need to start your BR offer with a thanks or end it by diverting the buyer to private messages, in order to “stand out”. If you do that, chances are that you’d be standing out for the wrong reasons.


Ok, got your suggestion.

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it was informative.thanks

Very Useful. Thank you

Agreed. you can’t say thanks for contacting me or anything, because you contacted them. I’d just start with a greeting.