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What is the Best Web browser for Fiverr?

Hay Guys…!

I’m kind of a new here. :slight_smile:

Usually I use Google Chrome browser for my daily Internet needs. But I hope to use a separate web browser just only for fiverr which will be a good idea. In your experience (in fiverr downloading, Speed browsing, etc.,) What is the best, secure, and easy to use Web Browser for fiverr ?

Your suggestions and ideas on this regard will be greatly appreciate !

Thank you.

Google chrome is the best browser. You can create a separate user in google chrome for fiverr .


Thank you for your idea :slight_smile:

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It doesn’t matter what browser you are using. At this point most of them are pretty much similar feature-wise, especially for what we need on Fiverr. Some go for more secure browsers, others with Chrome or Firefox. At the end of the day, try out multiple ones and see which one you like the most. But I believe it doesn’t matter what browser you use…

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Thank you for your valuable opinion. :slight_smile:

doesn’t matter which web browser you use, personally I use brave but any modern browser should be good