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What is the better title?

Hi guys :grin:
I have a translation gig and I was thinking how should I title it to be the most eye-catching and search friendly.
I was thinking about these titles:

  • I will be your Hungarian English translator
  • I will do general Hungarian English translation
  • I will do Hungarian (English?) localization

Do you have any tips? What title would catch your eye and sound the best? I’m open for all ideas here :sweat_smile:


Hi @erdostamasa
Your tittle should be SEO Friendly. And if you don’t know what is that then you need to google it because it’s huge I can’t explain it here. But what I can that is research on Fiverr Look your competitor what kind of title they used and find out the Keyword. You need to think as a client. Suppose when a client is looking for service what they type. That’s the Keyword. You must use those keyword in your title.

This may help you:


@rajibbapy @lloydsolutions
Thanks for the help! :grinning::grin:


@erdostamasa Your welcome :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: