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What is the biggest benifit of being a top rated seller?

I always wonder that except top rated seller badge what are the other benefits of being a top rated seller.

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7 day fund clearness, Exclusive Fiverr manager appointed for them, Fast support, Featured Gig and many more. Whoever do say “i don’t care about TOP rate”, If they are - They don’t want to see you as TRS. :smile:


Fast support is my most precious benefit. I don’t have a seller manager unfortunately.
My gigs have never been featured.


You get your money on the seventh day. This is mainly what I wanted to know.

Top rated… thats a long way to go. Still a newbie in the game. But congrats to top rated sellers… will be joining soon

  • 7 day fund clearness - Yes, its nice but if a seller has a regular income it doesnt make much difference
  • Exclusive Fiverr manager appointed for them - Nope, some sellers have this at TRS and Level 2 but not all TRS get one. I had one for a short time when I was level 2 but it was not helpful really
  • Fast support - Sometimes, not so much recently
  • Featured Gig - Nope
  • and many more - Care to inform me what they are?

Honestly, I would not list gaining TRS as a goal to aim for as such. For Fiverr success and to get a better, regular income, the best thing to aim for is making clients into repeat clients. When I started focusing my services on this, my income and Fiverr experience was transformed. Repeat clients make up around 50-60% of my monthly income at this stage and are so much easier to work with than new and one-off buyers.
Chances are, if you build up a portfolio of regular clients you will get TRS anyway.


It’s nice to have my abilities, hard work and excellent service acknowledged in this way also.

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I’m getting nominate from last 3 times continuously… And getting same message by reviewer - :wink: they don’t want to make me TRS. :slight_smile: now no more hope :blush:

I was rejected twice but got it the third time, no idea what changed their mind though.


@eoinfinnegan It was probably those PRO looking thumbnails you made for your gigs. They like that type of design.


I make videos. So the % of returning clients for me is very low as many of them need one video in six months or in one year.

I too make videos.

I have returning clients on a monthly basis.

Edit: what I’m getting at is that it’s all about the product you offer, not the category.


Got those done before Christmas by a certain creativeguy.

Think outside the box.
Do people really only want one video a year? Don’t you think they would love to get new ones all the time? Why not offer a once-a-month video of 15-20 seconds with a simpler design at a lower cost and tell clients when you deliver their main order. Make 10 second videos for Social Media posts with a set template/plan and make them ultra affordable but customize for the particular client.

I translate for clients but the same clients often hire me for writing, SEO and social media management too. Be creative in how you can engage people because the most difficult thing on Fiverr is getting paying clients to contact you, once they have contacted you then you have to make the most of it.

This time last year, I suggested people create a PDF of services and options that you could offer and delivering it with every order so people know what you can do - I bet @fast_editing hasn’t done it though.


If I can have regular clients for years anyone can. If you give service they love, they will come back over and over. I have clients that have been coming to me placing orders almost since I started.

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I have a few regular client for logo design. They have purchased my gig around 100+ times in a year :slight_smile: I don’t know, Why they don’t find my eligibility for TRS. 2500+ sells with quality review. 30,000$ earn. That means - Fiverr also earned to my sells as their 20%.


That’s great that you have returning clients every four weeks.

O/T for Fonz

Congrats on TRS! Totally deserved!

@indieoven you are a video creator too and a new TRS - do you have regular clients or any advice for Kumaralit?


I don’t see why chasing TRS status is so important. Chase wealth and sustainability and you will be much happier. Also, TRS status has lost its shine now since PRO came along.


@eoinfinnegan There is no seller here named indieoven. And who is fonz?

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Pretty sure there is :smiley: Fonz=indieoven=Fonz