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What is the BUYER Review for?

Hi Everyone,

I am just curious why we are asked to review buyers when it doesn’t even show up on their profile?

I understand this is a buyers market, but without any sellers, you wouldn’t have buyers. Hence, I am just asking, is it far-fetched for buyers to have some kind of accountability? Just as how our stats are hurt by negative reviews and cancellations, shouldn’t sellers be made aware of potential ‘Risk’ buyers? So we too, can choose whether to continue business with these buyers?

I think the reason there are buyer reviews in the first place is actually for the benefit of buyers. It shows up on you, the seller’s profile and allows them a glimpse of how you interact with your buyers and whether or not they like your attitude. I agree that there should be some accountability for buyers, but I’m not seeing it happening in the near future.

There was a time that reviews showed up on the buyer pages (only for a few days) and even then, Fiverr displayed only positive reviews and left negative reviews off. Buyers apparently were still unhappy with their reviews being shown so as best I can tell, they were sadly removed to keep buyers happy at the expense of sellers who always have all ratings and reviews shown.