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What is the calculation of Buyer's Positive and Negative feedback that impacts on Sellers Rating?

What is the calculation of Positive and Negative reviews that impacts on Sellers Rating?

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Fiverr does not share their seller rating calculations. This information is not available, nor will it likely ever be. Just be a great seller, that delivers orders quickly, on time, and provides work that is worthy of positive reviews.


Thanks buddy…!


You’re welcome… buddy.

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I have learned the rating calculation from myself :slight_smile:

Should I share with you?

You’re welcome to share your opinions about the “rating calculation”, however, since Fiverr does not share that information (and they keep it secret for a reason), I am 100% certain that you don’t actually know the details of how it works. :wink:

Here is the simple formula :wink:

Try it in your Rating, you will get the exact one. Thanks to allow me the formula.

Total Reviews / Total of (Stars x Reviews) = Rating


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Oh, that “rating”. Well, that’s not a secret. That’s just a case of math and averages – common knowledge for most veteran sellers. And you’re certainly not the first person to figure it out. :wink:

I thought you were referring to the calculation that determines where a gig is placed within the search results – a topic many people keep trying to figure out.

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Yeah, Even I was thinking that how can it be a secret as this is a simple formula. But you were thinking another thing. Now you and I both Cleared…! :slight_smile:

But I haven’t got answer regarding this from anyone, I had to figured it out by myself at last. :slight_smile: