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What is the cause of Low sales?


Is everyone facing low sales ratio and can tell what is the reason? Especially top rated sellers or feature sellers?



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The #1 cause for low sales is lack of external advertising and seller-driven efforts to recruit buyers.

It’s pretty simple, really: if you don’t invest effort and possibly money into advertising yourself, it won’t hurt you today. It probably won’t even hurt you next week. But it is going to hurt you next month when you reach the ceiling of buyers recruited by Fiverr through their own advertising efforts. Naturally, that limited pool is going to dry up. If you want more clients, you’ve got to advertise yourself. Whether it’s social media or paid advertising, you MUST be doing something or else you’ll find that Lady Luck (and the whims of Fiverr) will treat you mercilessly.


Genuine question: How do writers market themselves outside Fiverr? I have zero friends on Facebook. I am on Twitter and am very popular there with over 1,000 followers but am anonymous and use it only for Indian politics. I just have an account on LinkedIn. So I know you and @jonbaas talk about marketing outside Fiverr, I don’t know what it means from the practical point of view.


I know how that feels, I’ve got decent Facebook & twitter but my Tumblr is where the real activity is at. I do run ads on facebook and twitter, they have a lot of good results. You might wanna try that.


Were I promoting myself as a writer, I’d start a blog and find badly written content from notable people on the Internet and make snarky commentary about their poor spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Or, I would start a group on my social media platform of choice specifically for giving advice how to improve writing - whether it’s short stories, ad copy, resumes, CV’s, whatever. Offer small help here and there, but keep a pinned post at the top with a link to your gig if people want more comprehensive service.

There are a LOT of people who like to write stories, and a LOT of them are really bad at it, but a LOT of them will pay money for quality editing, formatting, and pre-publication services.

I don’t honestly have the patience for editing and dealing with people who are crap writers, but if I did, I’d do it, because the potential for recruiting clients and building a solid revenue stream is unlimited.