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What is the consequence of loosing ones best performing gig

Hi every one, I had no option but to delete our account best performing gig after fiverr denied it when I tried to upload a video and it failed, and this gig made us the sales that raised us to a level seller in less than a month and also we received three (3) positive feedbacks from it. Now the challenge is, how do we gain trust from buyers without any positive feedback from our current gigs except one, because recently potential buyers ask questions about our gigs and often relent to make a purchase. My hunch tells’ me that because we’re a bit aged at the moment in the market and we currently do not have a good number of feedback because we lost our best performing gig that gave us positive feedback early enough into the market, potential buyers might be scared… Please experienced sellers should prove my hunch wrong or right!

Why don’t you leave the gig up WITHOUT a video? A video isn’t required, and you’ve already made sales without a video, proving that. In any case, if you delete the gig, even though buyers can’t see what was written in those reviews they’ll still see how many yellow stars you have, representing the percentage of positive reviews you’ve had since you’ve been on Fiverr, whether or not you still have the same gigs activated. Many sellers change up their gigs. The rating percentage is totaled from all the sales a seller made since joining Fiverr, not the gigs showing on their page.

Thank you, Celticmoon! for the information.

I see you have quite a valuable amount of experience, Celticom. Can you please check out my gigs and point out grey areas which just might need correction(s)? I will be most grateful.