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What is the Covid status in your country?

What is the Covid Status in your country?? And how are you doing?


My dad lives in a small town in Montana, USA. Like @looseink there only has been one case of COVID 19 in his town. But I live in a larger city and we have had 10,500 cases in our county with 606 presently active. Sadly we have lost 74 people, mostly senior citizens.

The good news is that close to 10,000 doses have been administered and almost 3000 are fully immunized.


Covid? Present and accounted for.


I’m in British Columbia, Canada.

In the small town where I live, we’ve only had 4 positives in the year that stats have been collected.

However, bigger cities within an hour’s drive from here have many more, to be expected.

I mask-up everywhere, my hands have consumed more alcohol than I have in my lifetime and I keep my distance.

I go downtown once a week, otherwise my wife and I spend most of our time at home.

It’s getting tough to not be able to just do anything, with anyone, anywhere but we are both immunocompromised so we have to be extremely careful.

The COVID guidelines are strict here, but I don’t think they are strict enough.


I’m from the Midwest area of USA, and I wouldn’t exactly call us out of the woods yet. :sweat_smile:

Trends have been looking up, but all in all in comparison to the rest of the world, we still have an incredible amount of cases (Honestly I’m betting on the Super Bowl giving us another wave in the weeks to come anyhow). My local schools have been online since March of last year, and I’ve been exclusively online for University since then as well. I’m immunocompromised, so I haven’t left the house since then either, save for getting prescriptions that I can’t get delivered to me.

Guidelines have been on the strict side here, especially at my University. I am exclusively online as I said, but some students still attend in person. It’s an art school, so it can’t exactly be avoided if your a Crafts major and need the wood shop. Luckily my particular major is all-digital, so the only thing I have to worry about is paying ridiculous fees to use software, on top of tuition! (Sarcasm is hopefully obvious, but that’s a rant for another day)

All in all, I’m thankful to have a good support network, and that I do well under online classes. A lot of my classmates have been really struggling in this environment, and I really don’t blame them one bit. I’m hoping to have access to a vaccine by the fall so I can attend in person for my last year.


900+ daily cases. Over 50,000 people vaccinated (medical staff & army). Too much bored as I was in my home for more than 8 months. :grimacing:


Our country Covid Status are good. It was in under control


I am a Bangladeshi. Present condition of Covid inour country is good. Its fully control. Please pray for our country and the whole world.


I also in Bangladesh


I don’t really know, I live in a village in south of france, we don’t have any covid stuff here xd
But rest of the country probably have issues with it.


In my country covid situation is well & fully controlled . 40+ old age people are vaccinated.


Active cases 25,635 in my country


Where do you come from ? In mine, vaccin sounds really lame… I won’t take it


I belong to bangladesh.we have huge population but the situation is under control right now.keep us in your prayer.
Thank you.


Sounds promising. But elders need more attention


In New York, we’re all still wearing masks in public, but a lot of indoor dining has resumed and it seems things are calming down.


When you live in least densily populated country. Covid seems like almost myth. There is still cases everyday but nothing serious no one died and quarintines helped. Since population is not big government paying for all uttility, bills, some rents.

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I think it is started to get under control on my country.
The number of the people that is infected is start decreasing and some public place are open to their normal open hours.

Hopefully it get better soon for all.


Stay safe and welcome to fiverr community