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What is the current delivery upload limit?


I work with video files and I want to start a gig in it on Fiverr.
I have been researching on delivery uploads to Fiverr.
I have come across many topics that said there is an upload limit of only 150mb
which is a ridiculously small amount for what I’m about to do.
Then there where people saying you could use google drive or dropbox but
I read on the seller help center that that is against the rules.

Then later I found another topic which was from earlier this year that said the upload limit has increased,
but they never talked about how much it was increased.
So what is the current upload limit for deliveries on Fiverr?

If the upload limit is still only 150mb
I am afraid I won’t be able to use the Fiverr’s services.


Where did you find this? A drop box link does not require email or any contact info, so it hasn’t been a problem (when necessary) in the past.

* A seller must deliver their files via Fiverr’s platform, rather than via external cloud platforms (such as Dropbox). :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s exactly why I had to ask. Support has recommended Drop box for years. Hmmm. Well, one piece of advice to correct.


yes, it was exactly this line I read. It clearly suggests that it is against the rules.
If it is not then they should be clear about it, because it seems risky to use it this way.

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It appears to me that things have changed and Drop box delivery is now specifically against the rules.


Hi,now upload limit is video animation category.

1 GB in design as well, both on deliveries and PM attachments.

I’d write to CS and ask what you’re supposed to do if your category is still under a 150MB limitation (if it is). Could be for those under the limitation Dropbox is okay.

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thanks you very much,
I will ask CS
In the help center they say the limit is just 150mb.
and they don’t mention any exceptions.

The person here contacted CS and they confirmed Dropbox/anything else that doesn’t require sharing an email with the client is still a go.


Thank you, that’s a relief.

I use Dropbox all the time for large files, but that habit was formed when Fiverr had the 150MB limit. They very recently changed it to 1GB so that explains why some help articles may be outdated. Now that Fiverr’s limit is bigger, and they offer the helpful “download all” attachments button, I don’t need to use Dropbox as much.

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Yes, now the upload limit is 1GB.

Is the 1G upload limit per item, or cumulative per job, or cumulative per person? I am no longer able to exchange files with the contractor, what can I do? How can I delete older files so there is room for the final edited product?

If you can’t send them via Fiverr to the seller, you could use a site like dropbox and send the link in a message (eg. on the order page), to the seller.

Also, I don’t think there’s any way to delete files attached to messages that have been posted on Fiverr, unless maybe if you contacted CS to ask if they could, but it would be easier to use something like dropbox.

The upload is 1GB too here

i can use google drive to upload things. right.

Looks like someone dug up an old :coffin: thread. :expressionless: