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What is the deal with sellers expecting only 5 star reviews?


I am new to fiver, just completed my first transaction. The transaction went “okay”, not great. Had some minor challenges so instead of a 5 star review, it averaged out to 4.5.

I actually had the seller ask me to change it because it ruined her rating. I had picked her because she had close to 1000 five star reviews, but now I wonder how inflated the ratings are if she could actually want to pressure me to change my 4.5 to a 5 simply not to change her 5 star streak.

Makes me not want to use this website/forum if I can’t rely on a 5 star review truly meaning exemplary.

Has anyone else had this experience? Could this entire culture be that warped on over-inflated reviews?

Another post about the obsession with 5-star reviews on Fiverr

I would just ignore any requests like that when someone asks you to alter the rating.

I can maybe understand a seller messaging you to ask is there anything I can do to fix something with the gig you are not happey with? But I too am now scared off from leaving reviews after I had someone ask me to remove my reviews over and over. The gig was fine, I gave it a 4.5, there is nothing bad about that. I just do not give reviews as much anymore, I do write to each seller to say thank you for the gig, but that is it.

rosealexandre said: Could this entire culture be that warped on over-inflated reviews?
Yes, it's a carry over from previous versions of the site when reviews were rated either "Thumbs Up" or Thumbs Down" Sellers lived in fear of getting a "Thumbs Down"...they still do.


Have experienced this with 3 out of 3 sellers. Put my logo out with specific briefing for a refresh - have worked with loads of creatives in person and on Odesk. Anyway, selected 3 for a ‘let’s see what happens approach’. One ignored every direction given, sent a logo in about 5 hours I provided some feedback on where he had missed the direction - he sent a (non)revision and then insisted on a 5 star review. I indicated why he wouldn’t be getting one.
Second designer - very similar.
Third one did a pretty good run at it, but has requested a 5 star review with the delivery note. No, hey let me know how you like it.

I’m inclined to go back to Odesk - I feel the rating system here isn’t accurate (each of these sellers was rated a 5 but the first guy in all honesty was a 2)
And while the prices to test a designer are nice, the e-harassment isn’t worth it!

I think the rating system may also be at play here: 4= good and 5 = outstanding – what happened to very good but not perfect?


If you do not feel you got a 5 star result you can always request a cancellation and a refund. Sellers are imperfect people trying to earn a living. Some are great and others not so much. If you aren’t happy, or could be happier with what you got, get a refund and let it go in the name of being a person who is compassionate and understanding that
many sellers are trying to feed their families out of necessity by working here, many in third world countries where fiverr is the only thing that stands between their families and hunger.


The problem is not “compassion”, but that when you try to find the right person, and everyone has 5 stars, you can’t know which one is good, and which one is not. Harrassment on fiverr is a struggle, and a betrayal for customers.


I feel compassion for sellers here and understand as I said what is at stake for many, which is being able to buy food for their children. So with that in mind that outweighs other things but apparently I’m in the minority on that. As long as I can move on and get a refund that’s good enough, as I want to be as kind as possible in the face of what often is tremendous hardships.


Its all about mindset. First thing you should deliver extra ordinary to get extra ordinary review. If you are not then you should not expect to get 5 stars. Secondly why people ask for 5 stars is because there level cannot be upgraded. There sales drop and many other things so people want only 5 stars to maintain their rating. I never have asked some one to rate me but if someone leave a 4 or 4.5 star review. I don’t ask them to change it but if its much bad then i usually have to offer them a refund because i cannot afford my sales to drop for 5$ so if someone asks you to leave a 5 star review with their delivery then i don’t think they have trust in their work that they will get 5 stars.


Fiverr bodged their new rating system, we all suffer and fight each other. The end.

Pretty simple corporate psyops. 101, I’d say. Not that Fiverr needs to bother–the cadre manages perfectly well with its own internecine idiocy anyway.


First time dealing with someone on here, and after giving them a 3.5 star review and laying out pros and cons of experience, they acted like I gave them one star or something, and was being malicious to them. Before closing the ticket I advised them of my dissatisfaction, and if they didn’t want to meet what they promised I would have to close with a honest review either way of my experience. Usually I hire through upwork. It’s annoying, seems virtually every platform uses fake, bought, or purchased views. Heck you can hire people on this site to leave a great review for you. The irony.

These people that fake their way to a average 5 star review only hurt themselves with no repeat customers. Honestly after they harassed me about my review, I was tempted to change the review to a 1 star, because it did reflect my overall experience. Very unprofessional.


I just had two experiences of sellers harassing me for great / perfect ratings. I understand it must be frustrating for them. Unfortunately, we’re also rating them on our experience of the service and interactions with them overall. And being asked for a rating kind of robs me of the good feeling of “giving” them a good rating. Also, for me, the experience of being asked for a great rating makes the overall experience less good so I feel less compelled to give it. In other words, the rating’s about service as well as the work.

I pretty much give everyone a 5 star rating because I’m thankful they’ll do something for $5 and if they’re a beginner or doing this because they’re passionate, well, I want to be encouraging. And I am generally very very grateful. I feel like I’m in a bind because I don’t have a ton of money and someone’s helping me out… like doing me a favor. So a 5 star rating feels right to me. But now I’m giving fewer ratings because of this practice of sellers demanding a great rating. It’s off-putting to me. A seller just asked me TWICE for a perfect rating before I had even seen his work! Apparently someone gave him 4 stars instead of 5 for perfect work. I can understand that would be frustrating for him. But then he asked me again for a perfect rating and I had to remind him that ratings are optional on fiverr.


Demanding/asking forcefully for 5 star reviews isn’t on - sellers should know this. If it’s becoming annoying, which it obviously is, drop a line to CS please.

Sellers know not to demand/beg etc. for 5 star reviews, and are letting themselves and all of us down if they do.


Withholding a service/final delivery in order to gain a favorable rating is a violation of the Terms of Service.


I must clarify… the seller had delivered the work, but I hadn’t had a chance to look at it yet. We were in a texting session discussing what rating the seller I thought I should give. :slight_smile:


There shouldn’t be any discussion about feedback - you simply leave the feedback you think is warranted.

Please don’t start any conversation with a seller about feedback - it’s not needed, and can get you into the situation you’ve found yourself in, where you’re being begged for 5 stars.


I didn’t initiate the conversation about feedback; the seller did.


Regardless of who started it, there doesn’t need to be a conversation about feedback - please just leave the review you’re comfortable with. If a seller solicits feedback it’s against the ToS, and should be reported to CS.

Good luck!


Yes, offlinehelpers, I agree that there doesn’t need to be a conversation about feedback. If you scroll up, you’ll see that that’s the topic of this thread. I’m finding it amusing that you’re now telling me what to do.

Maybe it’s something in the air this morning, but, just as I don’t need a seller commanding me to rate him, I hope you’ll see that I don’t need a random person in a forum lobbing dictatorial edicts my way like, “please don’t start any conversation with the seller about feedback” (I didn’t) or “please just leave the review you’re comfortable with,” or worse, impelling me to report people to customer service. Unless, of course, you work for fiverr, in which case, I apologize. Thanks for sharing your corrections and general views of proper buyer conduct. I’ve been on this site a while and know how it works. And, unless I’m mistaken, acting in an official manner on any of the minor annoyances I vented about in this thread is still, as I pointed out earlier, at my discretion.


I’m not telling anybody what to do - you said you were annoyed by being asked for 5 star reviews during conversations - I suggested ways to avoid the situation.

I’ll leave you to it now - again, good luck!


This is an older thread. They keep it for information purposes only but things change so for future reference, it may be better to start a new one for up to date inputs from the community.

I am also a buyer and I too find it irritating when sellers ask for 5 star reviews. I also find it puzzling when I get that from regular sellers.

Few things to note, you do not have to review, if you choose not to. I’m sure you are aware its completely optional.

If the seller harasses you, ignore them or message them to chill.