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What is the default time for complete an revision?


What is the real default time for completing a revision?
how match revision should provide to make a buyer happy enough if the seller work is good enough???


There are no default answers to these questions. It depends on how many revisions you offer with your gig, the complexity of the gig as described to the buyer and the requirements the buyer has given you. From there, you have to stay in close communication with the client to fulfill the requirements that you agreed to.

So, if you offer unlimited revisions (a terrible idea) there is really no limit to how many revisions you should provide because you defined it that way. If a revision request isn’t too complex, you should do it as soon as you see it and have available working hours. If the revision is more complicated, talk with the client about what is reasonable and make a plan that you can stick to.


Actually there is no default or standard time period for submitting the revision work. Actually it varies from sector to sector. Like a correction in web development can take much time than that of translation. Again there’s some revisions that are minor and some are major.So according to the needs ,your revision time period will vary.But i think we should complete the revision as fast as we can.That will make them happy and give them better experience .And you may have a chance to win tips :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: