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What is the "Deliver Again" button for?

Is it sort of like a nudge?


I think of it as an “Oops, I forgot to send all the files” thing. Sometimes when you deliver, the clock does not stop. Why? A bug perhaps? Usually (with a pinch of salt) the clock stops upon re-delivery. :slight_smile:


You can also use this if your customer sends you a message asking for a revision without clicking the actual revision box.


It’s for just in case that you need to deliver some extra files after delivering once. :slight_smile:

Or if customer asks for a modification…!



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Can any one experienced seller or or someone who knows the rules respond to this thread? I wanted to know what "What is the “Deliver Again” button for?" I’m not satisfied with above responses.

Thank you

above responses were quite accurate.

Deliver again is used when you make a further revision to your product, and want to deliver again. It also happens to reset the clock for when the order is auto-completed. 3 days from most recent delivery

Either you or the customer decided to change the final product, and you re-deliver using that button.

sometimes I use deliver again when updating my delivery, sometimes I just use the attachment in messages. I think “deliver again” is a little more attention grabbing than just a message.

What was so unsatisfying about the answers?


will it restart the auto-completion time after using the deliver again button??

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