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What is the difference Between Click and View


Hey there,
I’m new in fiverr. I have 4 gigs in fiverr. Their views are increasing but clicks are not increasing as like views. now i want to know what is the difference between click and view. and how can i increase my Click?


That’s an interesting question. I mean, impressions are about your visibility in search results as far as I know. So that means clicks are the actual clicks on your gig within those search results. But clicking a gig will also view its page, doesn’t it? So in this case, how would somebody click without also viewing?

Unless I’m missing something…


On Fiverr an impression is how many times your gig has been shows to a user within the fiverr platform, clicks are how many people actually clicked your gig link within the fiverr platform.
Views are the total amount of people who viewed your gig counting visits from all over the internet.


OK, so clicks are those performed on the Fiverr site, and views are those where one already has (or has found) the URL of your gig and opened it without clicking anywhere in the Fiverr site, right?

If that’s so, then it seems weird that people open a gig URL more often than click on a gig on Fiverr…


Every visit counts as a view, the visitor might have came from fiverr, google, fb, your own site or anywhere really


Not really, even if you dont advertise your gig links eventually end up all over the place such as search engines etc and in addition to human users there is allot of bot traffic and crawlers that regularly revisit indexed links etc.


if someone click on my gig that means I’ll count as 1 click and 1 view i think :stuck_out_tongue:


Is there any system to check in which page my gig is shown?
or how can I promote my gig to the first page?


than how can be the views more than clicks. clicks can be more, if some one clicks the gig and not views the whole gig. clicks can be more than views but views can’t be more than clicks.


Lots of people can view or see your gig. Then they can decide to click on it to find out more about it. Whether or not they read the whole gig after that is irrelevant. Therefore a gig has to be viewed or seen before it can be clicked.


Let me guess.
Impressions is how many times your gigs was hit one of the keywords and appear in a page among 100 pages.
Views is how many times a user do stay at the page where your gig can be seen, and that doesn’t mean the user click your gig.
Clicks is how many times a user actually click your gig.


Sir what the meaning when click array is become red down.if you know please let me know