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What is the different between the quality and the prices?


Hello, every one on Fiverr as a buyers or sellers. I’m a logo design on Fiverr with the price from $15 to $25 in high quality. I ask for some sellers in same service “logo design” with the down prices start from $5 with all file formats and they have a more orders, where the quality with this prices? Thanks


You can see the quality for yourself. Most designers on Fiverr have live portfolios.

What’s your opinion of the work these $5 designers produce?


I don’t know his opinion, but my opinion is that above 90% of the so-called “$5 logo designers” deliver stolen work from sites such as Pixabay, Freepik, i-Stock, Shutterstock, Depositphotos and etc. On top of it, the worst thing is that don’t buy licenses to use those shapes/vectors/drawings/clip-art. Also, not to mention, but they use fonts which are unlicensed and a lot of other gray and illegal stuff.

But that’s not the case all the time, there are also, a lot of sellers that charge $50+ for a logo and they provide crappy or stolen work. It’s best to vet your sellers, and always to do a reverse image search on Google, in order to check if the work provided is stolen work.


Quality is independent of price point because quality is subjective. Some sellers do amazing work for $5, some do OK work for $50. The live portfolio is a great indication, not to mention how many people are in their buying queue.

It’s like going to a restaurant, the most expensive thing on the menu isn’t always the best thing, but restaurants know some people feel awesome when they order the most expensive thing.

Ever watched the movie King Cobra?
James Franco’s goes to a Japanese restaurant, and demands the most expensive bottle of Sake.
The waiter demand, “Sir, we have many excellent bottles, may I recommend…”
“Just bring us the most expensive bottle.”

Some people are like that.