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What is the different between vector file and high resolution


High resolution files with low compression - JPEGs

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High resolution file means jpg,png,gif etc and vector file is the main illustrator file or source file

Ok thank you for information

It’s simple.

Most people thinks vectors are IMAGES, but they are not. It’s just represented as images, but vectors are a group of “commands” that creates an image. When you resize this vectors, for example, these commands adjust the image properly, making them perfect at any size (theoretically, because the perfection also depends on the outputs, like devices screens, print quality, etc).

High resolution images is a representative file created, normally, from a vector file.

In quick words. Vector are special files, which demand special vector softwares (like adobe illustrator) to be manipulated, edited, etc. High resolution images are just images in a good quality, which can be used in raster softwares (like paint, photohsop, etc)

if you must chose between high resolution and vector, always chose vectors. because, from a vector you can create a high resolution image, but sometimes, from a high resolution image you can’t always create a proper vector.


Thank you very much for explanation.

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