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What is the easiest gig that almost anybody can offer on fiverr?


what would you advise a new seller on fiverr to sell?


Something that you can do well enough to please your clients and get appropriate reviews.

There’s no easy, get rich quick formula, and please don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise.


In addition to what @offlinehelpers said, be honest about your background, skills and accomplishments, and don’t copy someone else’s profile or gig description.


Thanks @offlinehelpers @catwriter
In our honest opinion, is there something you think virtually anybody can do?


Dance, sing or pop balloons :grinning:. Take a photo of your feet (for foot fetishists) And other bizarre stuff.


I saw a "I will record the view out of my window for one hour"
And I like it, actually.


Perfect for those nosy neighbors who have got bored of their own neighborhood.



If “anyone” could do it, we probably wouldn’t hire anyone on 5r to do it. I would do it myself.


If anybody can do it, what would set you apart from all the others doing it, and why would someone choose you over tens of thousands of other sellers offering the same easy thing?


wow, are there reviews on that one?


nice one. lol
permit me to rephrase to “almost anyone”


Well i guess to be really successful on fiverr in short period of time is to have UNIQUE GIGS that are rare and not everybody can do it. So there would be less competition for you.


“I will gracefully accept any amount of TIP”


I saw this one in a best* (pro) sellers profile :smiley:


The tip gigs were used by sellers when Fiverr didn’t have a tip option for buyers - hence the separate gig.


I can’t do that,any body willing to teach me how to do that?:wink:


don’t quote me on that but I think " testimonials " or " i say / i read anything " gigs are the most wide spread on fiverr ^^; i can see why, but don’t be too careless with those… ( looking at you, pewdiepie ) ^^


A gig offering “I pray for you” is the easiest :wink:


But Dogesan, those aren´t easy - people will buy them and then while your gig description clearly states you´ll wear a plain black shirt, demand in a revision that you redo the video wearing your shirt with the cute dog on it, which is your gig extra and would cost more obviously, and if you don´t, they´ll give you a bad review.


If its an easy gig then you are competing with a LOT of sellers…supply and demand = wont make much