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What is the easiest way to stand out in the sea of other illustration/graphics jobs on fiverr?

So im slowly building up clients for my illustration job on here but I feel like im good enough that I should be getting a ton more.I realize in the grand scheme of things im fairly new on here but im curious on how people get so many clients and business and become a top seller,any suggestions that may help me would be great thnks a lot.Oh and heres my profile if your interested in checking it out

Hi there. You need to do a lot of improvements on your profile for start.

Learn from the best and featured gigs (not copy), start by putting more samples in quality version (photo from the screen with samples is bad idea), perhaps put a video and offer more quality for less money until you reach a level.

Read about optimizing your gigs here on the forum.

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thanx I know i have alot to learn and will look into other peoples gigs to get ideas to make mine better.

I don’t think anything is easy in Fiverr :slight_smile: And standing out of the sea of illustrators is even harder. For me it took one month before getting any sales. After that things have slowly started to accelerate.

But I don’t know what to do to get more clients, maybe promote gigs outside Fiverr? I haven’t done it since I got limited time to work on gigs because of school.

It seems you have cool stuff on your gigs. I’m not sure about the music and movie suggestions though. Did you draw the illustration on your movie gig, it’s super amazing! You should offer that style on your gigs.

I don’t think my comment is really helpful. Sorry. All we can do is just keep drawing and getting better at it.

Best of luck!

Hey pictureduke I did not draw that movie gig illustration though I probably should draw something instead of finding something on google and just slapping it on. the movie and music gigs I did, I just wanted something silly to see if anyone would actually bight on it.

It’s good way to promote yourself by using your own illustrations.

Well, it’s silly and seems to work :slight_smile: You have sold your music suggestions.

So I’m the one who should be asking advice :slight_smile:

Now back to drawing board.