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What is the effect of being account flagged?

Recently my account has been flagged by Support. What is the effect of being account flagged ?


The effect is usually negative. Too many flags, and your account will likely be removed, closed, or deleted. You can avoid receiving most warnings by reading, and abiding by, the Fiverr Terms of Service. The TOS can be found linked at the bottom of any Fiverr site page.

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Thank you… So flagged means one kind of Warning !!

Usually, yes. What did Fiverr warn you about?

It’s about excessive late cancellations.

Well, that’s a pretty serious warning. I recommend that you start to deliver your orders on time from now on. And read the TOS thoroughly so you know what not to do in the future.


okay. I will.
But is there any specific date that how long this flagged/warning may stay/affect in my account ?

Warnings are usually permanent.

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okay. Got it.
Thank you Jonbaas. :v:

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