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What is the effect of these cancellation ratio?

any ideas ?

Does It have Effect On Your Level or anything,someone should please put me through

Thank You


Yes like kjblynx says it can work either way and can effect you moving up a level or going down. Try to tweak your gigs where possible to make it so that buyers are clear about what they are getting. For example I had a gig which was getting a high number cancelations and was greatly increasing my overall cancelation ratio. So i worked hard to tweak it in order to reduce cancelations. Of course there are some buyers who never read the gig description. But on the whole a good clear description will help you maintain a reasonable cancelation level.

Hello kjblynx, I am concerned about my gig which someone placed an order before any discussion with me. I actually was surprised when I was just routinely checking my account and realized that the time sheets were flipping away approximately four hrs ago. It is so unfair if those who play by the rules get shafted. It would be in our best interest to lobby for something justifiable to happen so that these buyers do not get away with such a crime. I want to feel and experience a sence of security on Fiverr.