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What is the effect of work Gap on the fiverr account?

Hi Everyone,

Good day.
I have created the account in September 2018.
From that time I wasn’t getting success on getting orders on Fiverr, moreover I have other local clients job running with me in MailChimp and Form building. For that reason wasn’t too much active in Fiverr Account in past one and half months. So anyone can advise me this gap should give any impact on my Account and do I have a chance of getting any order from Fiverr or not?


As a new seller in Fiverr I need expart’s advice on how I can market my gigs. As I have created 3 gigs so far. One on Mailchimp Email marketting, second one on Any kind of Form buliding with validation and the last one on Wordpress Landing page, Squeeze page.
Are these services will give me some jobs?
Experts seller pls advise on these, thanks.

Hoping for the best in the Fiverr, So far my experience in Fiverr is not so much. Can anyone advise any platform for getting articles on - “More orders getting ways on Fiverr”.

Best regards



I am also new member . I joined in October but did not get any order yet . I am also in search it will it affect my Rankin thant i did not get any order yet?
Want to learn about all that.

I am also a new seller here. Just created gig 2 days ago and also waiting.


You are just trying to learn something which is necessary to learn. I appreciate you that you want to learn and share something and excited

check this out: Marketing Yourself - Just Do It - Here's How - UPYOUR

The only impact is that you will not receive orders. Also answering this question,you’re leaving to “luck” to get an order, since you are doing nothing to get them, chances you have but they are very low.

This depends if you look for your clients and not sit and wait for orders to come.


I am also new and waiting

I am also a new member I just open my account 3 day’s ago…


Hoping You will get orders soon . But learn something which is necessary to learn before you go onward.
Keep up learning and sharing valuable information


I am also a new seller on Fiverr and waiting for the first order.

Thanks for your good advice Mr. Gabrielavila96. It was so nice of you to reply promptly with valuable article. This forum is best place for this kind of discussion I think.

I have join in fiverr just 2 month…but i donot find any order…in local or online market…I try develop my Skill… I hope develop my skill…i find any work
So every one…first time… Your skill is develop…thank you

Looking forward to seeking more and more advice

Hi Shahidullah,
I have written an article on that “What should/shouldn’t” do after opening a gig. I mentioned some tricks to get more order on that. Hope that will hep you. check this out:

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I would like to know more clear answer about this question.

Thanks for your advice. I wanted to know whether my gig has any lackings so I am not getting any buyer knock. Can you pls check and advice on it-