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What is the Essence of Five Star Review For Buyer

Hello, i will like to know the essence of the five star review a seller gives to his/her buyer. It is really a long story down here but i observed that whenever i complete an other, after the buyer gives his/her positive review i and other prospective buyer sees the review but when i as a seller give my review on the buyer i don’t get to see the essence of my review on the buyer’s profile page. I will like to know why and i hope it is not something easy i have been missing.

You’ve not been missing anything. The reviews you leave buyers do not affect their rating, as only sellers have this rating (which makes sense, since buyers only buy from sellers, not from other buyers). It is simply a quick thing to do to describe your experience with the buyer. That is all.

Buyers who message you via the inbox will sometimes be marked with symbols to the left of their name: “repeat buyer” and “fiverr top buyer”. Repeat buyers are clients you have sold gigs to before. Fiverr top buyers are buyers who frequently shop on the site and are often willing to spend a bit extra. They are marked with a yellow crown. This is the only was to determine how good/trustworthy a buyer may be.

Hope that helps.

I like the reply but why can’t sellers view these ratings? Wouldn’t viewing these ratings be beneficial?

I too would like to know more about the buyer’s rating…
I’ve ordered like 45+ gigs over the past couple years (have had to cancel some because didn’t get delivered, 3 the seller cancelled because THEY couldn’t deliver, and 2 sellers cancelled and refunded after gig delivered because while i left a decent enough rating, it wasn’t one they were looking to have.)
In the case of one (just this morning) I left 4 stars for communication, satisfactory for gig itself, but unlikely to order again (writing that while gig delivered, and proven that they did what advertised they would - but didn’t work for driving traffic as promised).

I would RATHER have had the traffic and sales - vs. getting refunded…


And not necessarily, no. As an experienced seller I have learned over time to “read the personalities” of most of my buyers. From very early on I am able to tell if they’re willing to spend more on extras, for example, or may be problematic later on in the process. Fiverr is a market that is determined and pushed by the buyers… that’s just how it is. Not only that, but I would also think that these ratings aren’t stored anywhere on Fiverr’s system (correct me if I’m wrong… I’m not sure), and further that buyers don’t even have ratings attached to their account.

I would bet that introducing “buyer ratings” to Fiverr will not happen in the future, given all the other changes that matter more for the revenue and success of Fiverr as a website and marketplace… so it’s best to get used to it!

Just my thoughts.

Partial buyer reviews were displayed for a few days some time back and many sellers posted positive comments about the change. Even so, they were removed again shortly. From what I’ve seen posted, many sellers would like to see buyer reviews displayed. Fiverr has not made a statement on this to my knowledge.

A seller is doing a work for which the buyer is paying his hard earned money, therefore he has the right to give his review or comment about how his experience was and if seller was able to provide him with the satisfactory work or not.

If buyer doesn’t like your work than you cannot tell that buyer is 0 star while you were 5 star just because you did not provide satisfactory work.

Provide top quality work and stop thinking “If I were to rate the buyer?” and focus on providing impressive work and getting repeated buyer always.

Hope this helps…

Thank you all for your contributions.