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What is the etiquette for revisions?


I paid for a logo gig (~$55) with unlimited revisions and I got back a couple of options that had good things about them but I’m not really excited about either. I sent back a comment requesting a revision asking for a revision noting the things I liked. Since I’m new to using this site I’m unsure about what constitutes a revision and don’t want to waste a someones time asking for more work. I feel a bit like the person who sent food back at a restaurant. I don’t do that.

In short, how much is too much to ask for? Is there any clearly defined guidelines about what I should expect from a seller and what they should expect from me?



Well… it does say unlimited revisions, which is pretty much the only guideline that matters here. Unless you’re planning to get several different logos cranked out for free as “revisions” which it doesn’t sound like, I don’t see an issue here. I’d probably be more concerned that I wasn’t getting original work, which is a big problem on this platform.


First of all, thanks for coming and asking. This is something sellers discuss a lot as the misunderstanding does cause seller/buyer relationship problems.

I would suggest that in future you don’t go with a seller that offers unlimited revisions because this shows a naive or inexperienced seller and is risky for you.

Keeping it simple, a revision is a change, so as long as you’re not asking for something you didn’t originally ask for, then you can ask for a revision. For example, if you said you wanted a horse, but they gave you an alpaca, then you should ask for a revision. If you said you wanted a horse, they gave you a horse, but you want it brown, not white, you can ask for a revision.

If you said you wanted a horse but you changed your mind and now you want an alpaca, this isn’t a revision.

In terms of whether the design suits your preferred style, then if you gave them examples to guide them as to what you like, you can ask for a revision if their design doesn’t fit. If your brief was ambiguous, then you probably shouldn’t ask for more than one or two revisions because you don’t like the style. After 2 revisions you should be able to determine if the seller’s ever going to give you what you like. You may have to accept that some sellers will never understand and give you what you want.

A good idea of picking a seller for this type of work is to go to multiple sellers with the same brief at the same time, buying their cheapest offering, and see which one comes back closest to what you want. Then continue to work with that one.


Thank you for the answers. I realize now that I should have shopped my gig around to several sellers at their cheapest rate and then picked the one that did the best and pay them for the vector files I need. I may still do this if this one doesn’t work out. I’ll try to keep revisions to two as that seems reasonable enough. I searched minimalist logo design and picked the second result because I liked the look of their advertised previous work. I hope it still works out. I will also try to make my description as specific as possible in the future. I feel like there should be some sort of guide on etiquette and tips like shopping around at the lowest rate for more subjective creative work (like a logo).


Here’s a tip for logo revisions. Find a logo you like, and give it to the seller. Copy and paste the link.

For example, your logo has a tree, and you don’t like the tree the designer did, so find a palm tree or whatever tree your like and give it to him. Also, very concise but specific with your instructions. Example: I need the tree to be the “t” in the word Tiro, and I need the tree to look bended to the right, as if the wind was blowing it. You do that and designers will love you, I hope.


I provided examples of logos that I liked originally with explanations of why I liked them and ask to implement those features. Namely I wanted it be be wider than tall so it would work well on the side of my race car and I wanted every element to be wide (with clear large gaps) so it would cut easily on a vinyl cutter. One fulfilled the first but both had complicated elements and small gaps that would be difficult to produce on a vinyl cutter (without lots of touchup with a knife) if I wanted to make smaller sticker versions. Part of why I wanted to do this is I’ve done many sketches myself for this and haven’t come up with something that would work well. I believe that’s mostly because I’m just really bad at artistic work, however I can point to elements that I like in other logos. It may still turn out great, and that’s what I’m hoping for.


Oh, pick me, pick me!!

Nah, joking, I don’t do logos but this sounds awesome :slight_smile: As for your question. When it says unlimited revisions (personally, I would never offer this), then that’s what you can get. However, I feel a bit like the person who sent food back at a restaurant. Don’t order the lobster, have it delivered and then decide that you want a steak.

Logo design is a totally overrun category with no skill barrier. Thus, there’s loads of crap and/or stolen stuff around. BUT! You can absolutely find great and talented designers - be sure to look past what sellers themselves put into their gallery. And then check for some consistency in the designs the seller has actually sold on here. No red flags there and you like the style? Go for it. But be prepared to spend a bit more than what this platform’s name suggests.


This is a good analogy.
A revision should be minor changes to a logo that follows your original brief. Things like moving elements slightly, color changes, text size etc. When buying, I always judge whether a revision is legitimate by asking myself - “Could I have been reasonably expected to have supplied info at the start to make this change unnecessary?” If yes, then it is my fault and I wouldn’t count it as a revision and I should pay to have it changed. If no, then it is likely to be a legitimate revision. Not everyone sees revisions the same way I do but it is a good guide to go on.
One thing to be sure of is that you ask for all revisions necessary at the same time. This helps everyone to save time and frustration.


I really love it.Some times buyer ask for modification step by step and I’ve to modify,save,load and then send the file for many times for minor changing which can be mention in 1st and only revision.This make me tired :tired_face: