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What is the extra payment?

We agreed on 25. What are the additional 5?
The seller told me it was because I was new at fiverr.
Is this a one time fee to fiverr?
Or does every deal have an extra price?

No, itโ€™s not a one-time fee.

Fiverr TOS


Your seller is mistaken. When NOT paying from your balance or credit, there is always a 5% or $1 in processing fee attached to each order.

I have no idea what a VAT is as I am not required to pay it. Until now, I had no idea how expensive that is - Yikes! 17% is really high!

I canโ€™t really say cos I have not experienced this. Contact Support.

VAT is Value Added Tax, like a sales tax. Itโ€™s used in UK (and Europe?) and Israel obviously.

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