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What is the Fiverr conversion rate?

Hi All,

May I ask what is the conversion rate of Fiverr means?

My conversion rate is 0.3% is it good or bad?


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If 100 people open your gig, and 1 person buys it - than the conversion rate is 1/100. Good or bad is relative.

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Thank you

so it means 0.3% of the people who view your gig would buy. 0.3% on the internet is actually really good so that’s 3/1000 people buy your gig after they viewed it.

so you get a sale after every 333 views, thats good!

Actually, you want to work on that. My conversion percentage fluctuates between 7% and 9%. A good quality video is important. A detailed description with enthusiam is also very important. Check your keywords/tags as well. You want them to show up in relevant searches. The more information you can provide the client the better and you will see your conversion rate rise.


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my conversion rate is 15.3 ,

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Conversion = 3.6%


hello there , my friend made a gig last night , and he got 1’st 1 order, then 2 n then 3,4,5 , and i checked his conversion rate was 100% , how is this possible?

My conversion = 2.6%

mine is 1.4

good or bad ?

i got 11.7% is it good? how to increase any tips?

wordpressfixer1, your conversion rate is very ok. Mine is %5

Think about what exactly this means. Is it a percentage of views? Impressions?

If 10 people click on your gig, and 1 of them buys it, then is your conversion rate
10%? Or if 10 people view your gig, meaning that your gig is simply displayed on the total page? I don’t have the answer, but I’m hoping someone does.

My conversation rate is 100% because I don’t have a single view on my gig, ROFL.

While a high conversation rate is good, you shouldn’t got blinded by a low one.
If you for example have a gig that offers the top secret recipe of your grandma’s cake and you have do your marketing wrong, let’s say promoting it on the wrong platform (tech forums, game sites, adult sites etc.) what thrives thousand curious visitors to the gig, your conversion rate will drop due to the wrong audience. Conversion rates on their own are very static numbers.

My conversation rate stays pretty steady at 8% and that’s without any videos, which is something I will be investing in soon.

mine is 4.2% i would like it to be better. @emmalouva will you mind sharing tips because yours is 8% and most importantly steady

Mine is 4% in last 30 days.