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What is the Fiverr conversion rate?

mine is 2.3% :frowning:

Mine is currently 3.2% but it has jumped up to 9% before, right after I added videos to 3 of my gigs!

Even I got this answer today.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Between how to increase conversation rate?

mine 2%

Right now it’s 4.4%, but that doesn’t matter to me. I care about how many sales and how much money I make per day.

That’s how many sales a day? 20? 40? I guess it depends on how many clicks you get and how many convert. Mine is much lower, 4.4%.

Exactly. I have found the importance of my conversion rate to be zero.

What IS important? Selling extras. The one way to see if you are doing ok or not is to see if you made more this month than last month. And you do it with your extras.

Here is my conversation rate 1.1% .

Extras are the key, they mean a lot more money with just a little bit more work. When I’m working, I do the orders with extras first, to make that money ASAP. Then I do the $5 orders.

By the way, I saw an amazing proofreader the other day. She will proof 200 words for $5 but she aims for the big jobs. She charges $450 for 50,000 words and $950 for 100,000 words. Her queue wasn’t long, only 2 people, but imagine the money she makes when she gets those big orders.

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mine is 4.7% . But it was 6% :frowning:

mine is 1%

mine is currently at 7.1%

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