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What is the Fiverr gig image size?

What is the correct size for a gig image in fiverr ? slightly_smiling_face:


In this page:

They say

use the correct proportions…The recommended image size is at least 690x426.

Somewhere else they said something different (though I don’t know if that other size they said is still in the help pages). So that image size they give in the above link is about 1.6197:1 aspect ratio so it should be roughly right if it’s at least that size and about the same aspect ratio. Though maybe it would be best if it’s big enough so when someone click on it and it makes it full-screen that it won’t look blurry (so maybe having it about the size of common screen sizes might help, as long as it’s about the specified aspect ratio).


Thank for your answer

680*425 is perfect size

Thank you brother rakib

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