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What is the Fiverr gig photo size in Pixel?

I want to know the correct size of fiverr gig imaze.


1600*1076 is the perfect gig image size for fiverr


You can use: 690x426

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as long as you are not exceeding 5M you can use any aspect ratio of 55 : 37 you use this technic however for maxed out quality and to stay below 5M —>> check :

First use Photoshop to 4K resolution image with 300depi and CMYK color profile

Second once exported use image compressor to scale down your file

For more sharpness use Photoshop resolution auto enhancer

Once you do all these steps you end up by having the nice sharp ultra-vibrant cover image for your gig

Let me know if this helpesd??

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Thank’s for your answer