Fiverr Community Forum

What is the forum for?

It used to be interesting a long time ago, i don’t even remember why…
Now all i see is people asking for how to get orders, or people posting the same tips over and over again, will it be like this forever ?

Any ideas to make it better, also does fiverr care enough to hear our ideas and make this place better ?

I say we remove the “tips for sellers” and “tips for buyers” categories because they take more attention and sellers take advantage of it to spam or post useless things and i’m starting to hate this, everytime i visit the forum i feel lazy reading the same things over and over again all i want to do is get ouuuuut

Come’on this place looks ugly -_-

I do not think Tips for buyers and sellers must be removed…Its a great topic to communicate particularly here on fiverr…Yes… there are many such spams and useless posts but you can just ignore them…May be it seems to be interesting for you when you are new to fiverr…like that many more newbie sellers and buyers who joined recently may find it interesting…It cant be personalized to someone…

The only way to make it more interesting is that you can share your great thoughts out here to make it more interesting as forum is for all of sellers and buyers out here and we are the only one who can make it interesting or boring.


I think it’s a good point. I’m a newbie. I know here we have many people who have a lot of experience. I’m just wondering how the forum looked like a long time ago? Thanks!

There used to be a lot more posts listed on each page of the forum. A change was made to show fewer posts. So that limits the number of choices of what to read unless you go through each page separately which few people do.

The content is purely generated by users. Sometimes the conversations section has more diverse posts.

Onlinedzshop, I hear your complaint…What’s your solution?

I remember when the forum was first introduced. There were some interesting topics posted that were both educational and fun. The first post I participated in was the one where we had to name as many bands as we could based on what we saw in the picture; it was fun, clever and very much outside the box.

Even though those sections are filled with a bit of rehash, they should remain. However; some overhauling needs to be done. If there are multiple posts with the same or close to verbatim info/tips then they should either be combined or archived; they should apply elsewhere.

Visiting the forums is a nice way to get ideas on how to improve or even inquire about certain features and or tactics but it does become a pain when you read posts with different titles but verbatim information.

“Be the change you want to see” comes to mind here.

Fiverr got big, a lot of people with limited English skills came, which meant they couldn’t really read all the help, or either expected that they deserved help… anyway, those people are also the people who say “thank very informative” to completely inappropriate posts as what I imagine is some sort of advertisement.

It’s a good way to discover who not to work with, I suppose.

I agree with you people ask the same thing over and over.