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What is the happening in fiverr?

NO Order !
NO Request !
NO Clicks !

oo… I am fed up !:disappointed_relieved: …NO buyer request…
What is happening with fiverr ??



I suggest that you choose to self-promote, fight, improve skills, learn new skills and do whatever it takes to get further. There are hundreds to thousands of ideas already on the forum to help you with all those things, so the challenge is yours.

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yes same feeling is with me…


Did Fiverr disable Buyer Requests for New Sellers?! They are the ones who need them most …

If you can spend some money, try advertising your Gig on relevant websites - until you reach Level 1, when the Buyer requests are made available and then keep the ball rolling.


I don’t think they have disabled it, but it seems that they have tightened the rules.I was temporarily on level 1 and the number of requests was pretty much cut in half. Can’t say for sure, but if level 1 gets half of what level 2 gets, then new sellers might indeed see only very few.

(None of it is factual, just my own experience)

However, the good news is that Fiverr seems to boost gigs that get orders. I started noticing it a few months ago. Every time I delivered an order, the next day I got 3-4 messages about my gigs. At first I thought it’s a coincidence, but it keeps happening so I’m not sure anymore.
If this works then the solution is to get a few orders from outsiders(bring your own clients) and you’ll be back in the game.


I don’t think they did either, but I have heard that level 0 get less. Since the OP has gigs in popular categories, I wouldn’t think it would be only a level issue or because of there being truly no requests. I would guess it’s either that he’s been blocked from BR for spamming or something like that. If it’s just a bug then CS would be the people to contact, but he seemed so defeatist in attitude I wondered if it was worth addressing.


Thank you, I hope for positive.

No I am not new seller, but a long time I am not getting any requests. But I am promoting my gigs on different network. I don’t know what is the happenings with me.

I was getting requests few months ago , daily 10 to 15 request on fiverr. But now its zero. But I am promoting my gigs.

If you haven’t been demoted then it might be that the threshold has been changed.

Why don’t you contact Support and show them your screen shots and ask them about a possible cause. If you do, come back and share for the benefit of everyone.


Okay I will contact support, find out the answer. I think I am not only facing this problem but also many other.

I agree that other users without a level are having issues with Buyer Requests. I don’t think everyone is seeing 0 impressions, though. It’s worth sending all of your screen shots.


Same condition here new sellers have not buyer requests this rule is not good of fiverr new sellers where to find work


Yes right , I will send them

Yeah but here for good response you have only top rated, and should any levels, but of new seller nothing. No more buyers request now.

@uxreview, @fonthaunt Yes, seems there is some magic formula for Buyer Requests too! These days everything is an algorithm for Fiverr. * Sigh *

May be you did something that irked Fiverr metrics? Like Copy-pasting the same response for many requests… or Posting a ‘promotion’ of you own Gig?

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I wonder if new buyers see fewer Buyer Requests because so many new buyers were posting their services in Buyer Requests? I have noticed there are less of those types of posts in BR now that the new level system has started. Maybe it is 5r’s way of keeping new buyers from advertising there?


Blame it all on the economy collapsing. This time in six months, most of us will be shacked in Bitcoin mines begging for bread and water.


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I think that, since the BR section is likely the entry point of a good number of new buyers, Fiverr prefers to distribute their requests to a larger fraction of Level 1, Level 2 and TRS sellers; in general to sellers that have better metrics: % of cancellations, average value of orders, quality of the answers and so on.

Surely they don’t trust the “new” sellers as “greeters” as much as before.