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What is the impact of automatically completing the Gig?

please, help me knowing about automatically completing the job.

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orders which are auto completed by fiverr lead to lower rating and less satisfaction. now fiverr do not complete your order. instead you will be able to remind the buyer or complete the order yourself after three days.

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Being forced to rate or complete an order isn’t going to make the buyer more satisfied with an order. It might also lead to less orders for that seller from that buyer. eg. if the seller forces the buyer to rate/complete it when they didn’t want to they’re probably going to be less inclined to purchase from that seller again.

Also, if the buyer was very unhappy with an order and decided not to rate it, the seller forcing them to complete it and rate it may make them rate it as they would have originally but decided not to (eg. they may give it a low rating).


After 2 weeks completing the order can the buyer rate on the job. mentionable that I have submitted more works for him. please reply.

Yes, the buyer can rate within 30 day after the job is marked complete.


First always try to deliver your order on time and with full conviction that you have delivered your best result.Once delivered the order leave a message to buyer that you have delivered the order and ask him to have a look and tell him if any modification required you are ready to modify it.
Any genuine buyer will always respond in time.I never had problem using this policy and always got good feedback from my buyer. Remember your good work will earn you rating not your request.
Hope this will help you.


Will the buyer give me a review if I do more work after submitting work?

If I give my buyer more work then can he give me a review? Of course, my work has ended automatically and the dollar has been deposited in my account.

I have noticed some clients just dont like leaving reviews. I have also noticed that some of my repeat clients dont see the need of leaving other reviews after leaving the first review. So I dont pester them too. I just concentrate on delivering quality work with only one goal - to keep them satisfied. For every one client that doesn’t leave a review, I will get many more who will so it really doesn’t bother me. I think unsolicited reviews are better than solicited ones.


could the buyer leave a review after autocompleting the order ? If I remind him.

It is better not to remind him. If the buyer doesn’t wanna post a review then let him be… Or he might even end up giving you a 1-star review because of your constant pestering and I am sure no seller would want a 1-star rating on their profile, let alone in their first review on Fiverr.

If you have delivered the best, then just don’t bother about it anymore. Don’t ask the client to rate you or ask things like is everything is ok?

I have some customers that never leave a review but return again and again. It’s that how things are some customers are too busy with other things, if we ask them to leave a review they might get angry.


thank a lot for your valuable comment.