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What is the impact of dispute?

please, tell me about dispute in fiverr market place.

Increase your cancellation ratio, gig view, order and also the level demotion.

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The impact of a dispute depends on what kind of dispute it is and how it is resolved. You would have to be more specific. Disputes can include requests for more time, requests for modifications or revisions, requests for cancellations and more. Those can all have different kinds of impacts. (I don’t understand the answer by @aminulv but it doesn’t really line up with the impact of a dispute in general.)


Thanks for your comment on dispute which is explained more in details …

In general, disput affect the seller ranking.

And for scam buyers they can be banned

I always make disputes to extend the time :wink:

but, solution ? could you suggest me how can i overcome this problem ?

please! explain seriously. I want to follow the system.

[Mod Note: Image removed - shows buyer name]
my buyer dispute and i mutually cancell.
now, please suggest me what can i do to develop my account .

If you did reduce the speed of the page, why did you cancel?

You could have taken that screenshot before, and after you did the job. That would prove you did it.

You can say no when they want to cancel unless you did not do the job.


There’s not much you can do about this order, but you can improve the way you handle your future orders.

You claim to have 3 years of experience, yet you don’t have a proper process in place :disappointed:
As @misscrystal mentioned, you need to establish a baseline and include it in your proposal. You and your client need to agree on it before he/she orders your gig.

Next time send a proper proposal which includes

  • Current baseline (Pingdom results or whatever you use)
  • List of problems you’ve identified
  • List of actions you will take to improve website’s performance
  • Timeline and total cost
  • Disclaimer that when a buyer accepts your proposal, they have confirmed the baseline and agree to the action plan.

Don’t promise any numbers such as 25% improvement in loading time because let’s face it, you don’t have 100% control over it. You can only tell what you will do and why it’s necessary.

In fact, you should already have this information in your gig description.

  • What you can and can’t do
  • How you measure the value you bring to your clients (ex test results)
  • How the ordering process works

thanks for pointing on my gig rules !

I can optimize the speed wp site but that was a php one!
thanks for touching me!

@misscrystal you’re not supposed to do that :smiley:

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I mean connection with me ! please, don’t be serious my friend.

No worries, I won’t be serious :wink:

thanks! for being not serious !

@fonthaunt I’m sure this has been brought up before but what happens if a buyer places an order without providing any requirements or details? Or he just leaves or realizes he doesn’t want the order at all or places an order for something that doesn’t justify the gig price?
In situations like these where the order gets cancelled/ or they both mutually cancel the order, I know it effects the completion rate, but can’t the customer support help the seller and restore their completion rate? Whatever calculation algorithm they use, it should include the context of the cancellation as well otherwise its like they’re punishing the sellers on purpose.


right! dispute is never good. it has bad impact. I am suffering from that.

Hello! Could you please help me I need a buyer to be reported because he wasted my money and time for the work I did very generously and with amazing Quality. He was verbally harassing me since the beginning of the order. Please help