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What is the impact of Fiverr Pro to good quality sellers?

Hello guys,

Ever since Fiverr introduced Fiverr Pro, a lot has changed. As a top-rated seller in content writing category (I have a lot of reviews and 4.9 rating) l used to get new buyer requests every single day. That also meant high conversion rate. But after Fiverr Pro, the inflow of new customers reduced to just 1 in a week. In fact, nowadays I work mostly with repeat clients.
I know am great at what I do and I have maintained my reviews as they were before Fiverr Pro came but I no longer receive new customers as before. I would like to know, what is the impact of Fiverr Pro? Do you think Fiverr Pro is negatively affecting quality sellers on Fiverr?
By the way, I applied for Fiverr Pro three months ago and I’m yet to get a response.
Please share your thoughts.

A TRS with a purple badge? :confused:


What’s your problem?

Since you asked, so be prepared for the thoughts.

Here is why you are still waiting for a response.

  • You are using a Stock photo.
  • Calling yourself TRS while you are a Level Two Seller.
  • Providing Academic Stuff which is against TOS of Fiverr.

My advice is stop waiting. This :arrow_up: aint PRO at all.



A what? Are you sure about that?
You wonder why the app didnt get answered? I wouldn’t take you seriously either. Saddu handed it to you quite well.

PS: Change your stock photo… for real lol


There’s nothing wrong with my gigs, otherwise they would have been removed by Fiverr. Get emotions out of it and provide a useful advice. And the topic for this not discussion was about impact of Fiverr Pro not about me. Thanks

First of all you are late to a party that started a while back. (When PRO was introduced).

Your question has been discussed and grounded to earth by the forum members and if you utilized the search function here you would have realized that.

Now if you feel you are being personally attacked, you must understand, most members posting here are forum regulars so they are quite naturally sick/tired of people coming and posting outrageous claims.
Not that I am saying your TOP-RATED SELLER claim was outrageous, but its an action seen often here by the regular members.

Also, most of the people tend to portray their true self here on Fiverr for their business instead of utilizing unoriginal imagery and information with a touch of false bravado.
So your opening statement might have pricked those people.

Now to answer your question in a single line:
Fiverr’s marketing is CYCLICAL so you will naturally see and up & down motion on your gig orders throughout each quarter.

Plus your natural order feedback also plays a crucial part.

Good Luck. :+1:


Misrepresenting your level on the forum is not going to work for you and it’s part of your OP. You don’t seem interested in honest responses. There really is no need for the thread if your Fiverr Experience isn’t relatable and others can’t respond.