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What is the impact of Fiverr username?

#Read_carefully & Share your personal opinion…

Hello, I am Shakil from Bangladesh. Basically, I serve Graphic Design here in Fiverr & My username is called sis_graphics. I know very well, I can’t edit or change my username.

Let me tell you guys, I am going to serve WordPress Website Development service from approximately 1.5 or 2 months later here in Fiverr. This service will be my final passion. In Shaa Allah.

Anyway, So what is the impact of my username name? In my username name Graphics is included though I will serve Website development service. So, Is there any chance to get less order from clients or they could ignore me by watching my username ? Because, they can thought, He is or was a graphic designer so He have not much experience & it’s natural.

Moreover, I have successfully completed 160+ orders having 143 positive reviews entirely related to Graphic Design.

So my question or confusion is about the username. I am going to server website service but my username name is Graphics as well. So what is the impact of this username to work with other service?

I am waiting for the suggestion and motivation from everyone. Feel free to share your personal opinion. I hope this topic will help other people.

Thanks & stay safe & alert.


My username is Wolfhowler and has nothing whatsoever to do with my skills. It’s the name I used when gaming when I first created my account 10 years ago. I have never had an issue with sales and I’d say that anyone who doesn’t want my service due to my username is probably someone I wouldn’t want to work with. :wolf:

EDIT: Given the opportunity would I now change my username…yes. I would love to make it more professional and I even put in a request 5 years ago with CS to see if this was possible and they turned me down.

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Don’t worry about the name. Just make sure to offer a quality service.


It is literally the least important part of your gig, offer high quality work and professional customer service, and no one will care about your name ever.

That being said, using your name gives the gig a more personal touch, but again, the impact would be close to none :wink:

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I totally get why you might want to update your username. The only counter-argument I’d make to this, is that your name is super memorable. It’s one that I remember, even though I’ve only interacted with you on the forum a few times. I guess from a brand-building perspective, that’s pretty good? I bet your clients remember your name more than some others on the platform.

I wish we could change ours from ‘cubittaudio’ to something like ‘cubittmedia’, as we now do more than just audio… but then, it doesn’t seem to have stopped us from getting non-vo work. There’s a guy on Fiverr who’s referenced in lots of press articles due to his success with animated video gigs and marketing gigs, and his username is ‘customdrumloops’ because he first started out selling drum loops!


Good to know my name is memorable! Some of the forum members have even associated an emoji for me as well! Which even I have started using regularly. :wolf:


Thanks for your support & opinion :grinning:

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All this being said,

How important would you guys say a username is for a newbie? I only have 2 reviews that were given by a friend after helping them with some logos. But I created my account without knowing my username couldn’t be changed.

My user name doesn’t have much to do with my account but is rather a name I’ve gone by on some of my social media platforms.

Is it worth changing my name this early in my fiverr career? To something more related to the services I offer?

Thanks in advance

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I’m a fan of wordplay, so personally I like it. As commented earlier in the thread, username isn’t as important as doing good work.

My username was a third-string choice, because the first two I tried had already been taken at some point. It’s still in-line with what I wanted, but having numbers tacked on looks, well, tacky. Still, it’s how I’m known here, and is still what I do, and I’m pretty happy with it.


Hi, That is actually not. Now I could realize Username is dosen’t matter to get an order. Don’t worry about that & we can not change our username. :grinning:

you are entirely right. username is not crucial to get an order as well. Now, I have added new services. Let’s see what’s happen…