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What is the impact of test skill in fiverr?

what is the impact of test skill in fiverr?



customers will trust you in a facile way

kk it will be benefit
Should i use tag in a fiverr forum’s topic Like that as i give a link

No, you shouldn’t really be doing this.

The post you’re referring to is about the creation of a book. The people who have been tagged were all instrumental in the creation of the book, so the tags are there to give them a ‘shoutout’ for their work. That’s the only reason the post has people tagged in it.

If you want to aim your post at a specific person, you can tag them… but unless you have reason to do so, this can be seen as being rude or spammy (your first post looks spammy because you’ve just thrown a load of random usernames in there).


thnx means in that article i should not use tagged

No you shouldn’t use tag i guess

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