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What is the importance of staying active in the Fiverr Forum?

What is the importance of staying active in the Fiverr Forum?
Can I benefit if I am active in the forum?


Forum is for having fun, sharing tips, helping out others and similar stuff. Also only a small fraction of users on the forum are buyers. Majority are just sellers interacting with each other.


There’s a myth that being active on the forum is necessary to become a Top Rated Seller. That’s nonsense, because many TRS got their shiny golden badge without being on the forum at all.

You can benefit from the forum, though, just not in the way some people think. Being on the forum is unlikely to bring you sales as such, but you will benefit from reading as much as possible and therefore learning as much as possible. You can also ask a question and you’re likely to receive an answer.

Now, if your question is whether you’ll benefit if you post a lot on the forum, the answer is no, unless the majority of your posts are very, very informative and useful. However, since you’re a new seller with no sales, you can’t share your experience of huge Fiverr success with others.


I don’t think It will have any benefit on selling on Fiverr. No?
yeah you can get some advice that could be beneficial.


You make peculiar online friends. There’s no free car or gig ranking benefit, just that.


Or peculiar online foes, which can be fun too.

John F. Kennedy probably would have replied, “ask not what your forum can do for you — ask what you can do for your forum”.


The importance is correcting your thoughts about the online freelancing.
For that first you should give your ideas to others.


Well, you learn new things from the forums.


To invest you should give. Abraham twerski also says "True Love is a love of giving, not of receiving."


@cherboub wooow thanks :heart:

That’s right.I learned a lot from the Fiverr forum in those 4 days

Ok. Thanks…

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Thanks for your valuable feedback :heart:

Thanks for your great comments

I knew the order was more available when I was active in the forum.

Thanks for your valuable feedback :heart:

No importance. The forum is a place to ask questions and answer questions, make comments, etc. The real benefit is learning from others.

That’s 100% true.


Yep, I have many, and I enjoy and love them all!


And I love you too, my sweet Vickie! :blush: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart: :kissing_heart:

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