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What is the issue with people asking me to do business off of fivver?

Whats going on everyone? Lately I been dealing with this reoccurring headache of people asking me to do business “Off of fiverr” because of the charges they are hit with. Now Out of the 6 I have been asked I am OK with only one but this is getting to be a bit nuts. I like the safety I have using Fiverr but this shit is just getting ridiculous. How should I address this? Some of these services are hard to find else where.

I have been very fair as a buyer and I am not asking much but I do not want everytime someone practice isn’t as financially sound as it should be they want me, someone they don’t know our know them, to risk my pockets for their financial frustrations. How can I defend against these practice or help someone else avoid dealing with it as well?

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All users, both buyers and sellers, agreed to the Terms of Service when we signed up. Ignorance of the rules doesn’t excuse breaking them. The forums get threads every day by users that say ‘banned, what did I do?’ when it’s very often something that was spelled out in the ToS.

Quote the ToS at them and then report and block. I was scammed by a seller, what will CS do?


I understand what you are saying but even though I am ok with one doesn’t mean I am. I haven’t been scammed I am saying that I am being asked to do business off the site. How I am to handle that as a buyer? Is there a way to report these things? How do we protect others from dealing with these people?

Report and block, from within the messaging system, and then Fiverr investigates.

I always tell them they can send things through the messaging system and that it’s against Fiverr’s ToS to not. And if they still want to go off-platform, I tell them I won’t be able to help them. I get this a lot since some buyers are all paranoid about Fiverr seeing the details of their stories. Here’s an example:

I’ve never had to report since most buyers move on whenever I tell them it’s against Fiverr ToS. Not sure about what situation would require reporting, especially since the buyer hasn’t yet transgressed.


I like this. I can use this in reverse seeing that I am the buyer and the sellers are the ones who are the ones presenting this to me.

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Work with people who don’t charge peanuts.

Professional sellers don’t do this. They compensate themselves for the loss and turn it into a return.

Please report them by the way. They should be banned.