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What is the Latest You had to Wait Past the Deadline?

My purchases are sometimes delivered late as a buyer, but as a seller, try to deliver very fast (sometimes in under 15 minutes). What is your experience?

You don’t work while sleeping? (Just kidding, nobody expects this, but when you are available to complete gigs quickly, it can help sellers get some great feedback)

You are absolutely correct with the lead time. Allowing enough time to complete your gigs over a busy weekend can be tricky if you have events going on. Sellers should take into consideration that someone could place an order on Friday night and they might not be able to get to the order until Monday. 3 day weekends can really mess a seller up if they do not give themselves 4 days to complete the work.

madmoo said: Some words of caution though, for buyers (not you obviously):

If a seller has set a leadtime on their gig, that is the time you should expect the gig to take. If they deliver early, as this seller does and I always do, then that's a bonus (be happy, consider a tip, thank them, give good feedback and rating!) but even if they don't acknowledge your order, or deliver with 2 seconds to spare, then that is ALLOWED. It's not ideal but it's their perogative. So don't send daily messages asking if it's done yet. They probably have a lot of work and time spent replying is time they're not working on your order. (I would suggest checking their feedback before ordering though. You'll get an indication of how recently they delivered and if the buyers were happy).

I got something like 6 buyers that write to me every hour... T_T Id liek to reply to all always, but just sometimes we really have not the time to do that!!!
Good night cuties :D :-*

Reply to @madmoo: yeah!! Sometimes i really love them, im talkative and i love to chat, but sometimes i don’t really have time, and i appear rude because i cant reply or i reply in a short way =/