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What is the link of customer support link

Hi kindly guide me what is the customer support link ,if our account is disable and not able to login? …Kindly send me link please .Thanks

On the bottom of each page on Fiverr you have customer support link.

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This link is ok ,But i am not able to sign in due to temporary block

So send them an email. If you contacted them before, you have their email stored in your Gmail.
Reply to that. All your tickets are there, always with all cs responses.

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Yes i send an email ,But they did not respond me .

They did not respond at all (you did not receive your ticket number) ?

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Yes i did not got any ticket number yet

I’m not sure if there are ticket numbers when someone sends them an email. There’s no ticket submitted, after all.

EDIT: it looks like your last delivery was 2 hours ago?

Yes, there are. I only send emails to CS and a ticket is automatically opened. And we receive an automatic response informing us of that.


If they didn’t respond to your email, why would they respond to a form submission? Don’t open multiple tickets on the same thing. CS is overloaded and duplicate tickets is just going to make it worse.

If they’re not responding, it’s either because they are busy or because you asking for something you aren’t entitled to. I imagine you’re asking them to reinstate your account despite you breaking the rules. They aren’t going to do that because you asked them to… That would defeat the whole purpose of policy.

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