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What is the main factor/algorithm of Gig Ranking on Fiverr?

Hello, Hope you are well :slight_smile:

It’s a long time I trying to understand Fiverr Algorithm? How does it work? what is the main reasons to stay a long time on the first page?

Please Ans it depends on Your Fiverr experience

1. The title was the main reason to rank?
2. Gig Photo main reason to rank?
3. Gig Discription was the main reason to rank

Please answer it.

Thank You
Hridoy Ahmed

You are not the only one who has tried to understand the Fiverr Algorithm.

It is a secret that Fiverr does not share. However, I do know that there is a constant moving of our gigs. For example, I could check your placement right now and find it in a different place than 5 others who bothered to look for it. A group of my Fiverr Forum friends tried that experiment once, and we found each others’ gigs in very different places.

I would say none of the above. Fiverr gives everyone a chance to be on the search’s earlier pages, whether they are new or experienced sellers.

I think what counts more is how well your gig is performing, how many sales you have per week and if you have cancelled orders or not.

Also, you may want to read this thread for further information. :arrow_down:


Yes, you are correct… Fiverr Give chances for new sellers… I also ask it the Fiverr support and they said me that they don’t know about fiverr algothm…

That’s sort of like asking Google the same question.

Or McDonald’s what their “secret” sauce is.

All are trade secrets to keep users from exploiting them.

And I respect that.


Yes, you are a right brother :smiley: but we can try a little bit to understand it

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