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What is the main problem?

Hi there, I am new here. but some times I have to face this problem with my pc,
when I want to go to it’s automatically going to
why this has happened to me
please help

If you mean the header links, yes the one on the right goes to The one on the left, though, is for the forum homepage.

i didn’t mean that,
i want to say, when I click this link: image

then automatically it’s come here:

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Odd. When I hover over the link, the url that shows in the lower left is for the forums, and when I click it works.

What browser are you using?

chrome browser,

sometimes it’s not correctly work in here

Please remove your all browser history. I hope that problem is solved.

Thanks bro, it’s really work…

Obviously I had the perfect:

“When I go here - it goes here…”
Joke lined up. None of the images were pc enough.

Boy… I’m saying a lot of things. Never mind.