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What is the main thing to keep in mind about including Urls of your showcased work?

I have my own niche sites, but they do not have the “e-commerce” function like shopping cart icons and all that. Mainly a showcase of all my work, writing, blogs, artwork, etc. I read some material not long ago in which I was advised if not strongly urged to include a portfolio link in my descriptors. I need to know what other people here do.

Also couldn’t help but notice someone had a nice Flickr portfolio on here. I also have a portfolio too. What else is acceptable? I am trying to respect fully the guidelines of not trying to encourage against-terms transactions.

Thanks! Jennifer

Hi Jennifer,
In my opinion its not bad to include portfolio links in gigs descriptions till you try to contact buyer and make deal out of fiverr. Many top seller are doing that. i have launched my flickr just now.
Sheriff’s Note: Shortened Links disallowed to to possibility of harmful content.
and i have given only my fiverr contact on that. I am offering Limited Time offer for my Buyers too with great discounts and extra free of cost.


You can post links to your portfolio on YouTube, Flickr, or SoundCloud as long as they do not contain contact information that directs them off-Fiverr (such as e-mail, Skype, etc.) You may not post personal website links or blogs. You can have a personal website or blog that sends traffic back to Fiverr as long as it has no other contact information. You can find all this and more in the Fiverr Terms of Service. Good luck!

I’m not familiar with SoundCloud (this must be for audio & voiceover related gigs?)

But thanks, I will keep that in mind! I will stick with Flickr!

You can also just take screen snapshots or images of your various projects and even blog articles as a photo and use those as part of yoru Fiverr portfolio, or even put all of those images of samples into a video to show a wide range of stuff.

That’s interesting though, about the no link shortening here. I would have gone straight for the Pretty Links or Tiny url in a heartbeat, normally…just like I would on social media.

Screengrabs work very well for me; now if I could just get that “cover photo” feature to work properly. I would be a happier camper! I have had to do without it after many futile attempts (keeping all the ins and outs of importance in mind) and I wish I could get it to work for me.

I was hoping it would say something along the lines of “Jennifer Draws It!” on Flickr.

Reply to @gwenhwyfar37: Just to help explain, there is a fairly simple reason for the issue on shortened links. When you put them on social media, there are two things that make them work for you favorably. One is that some social media sites still read them in a way that shows an image or other representations of where they are taking the “clicker.” The other is that even if there is something ugly on the other side of the link, the social media site bears little if any responsibility for it.

On the Fiverr forums or in gig descriptions, a shortened link could look like anything. On top of that, people are using accounts here with financial and personal information inside, so if that link leads to somewhere dangerous, Fiverr and/or the user could be liable for problems. While there are ways for moderators or staff to check a link safely, it would take a lot of time to check every link for safety. So, shortened links are disallowed and quickly removed if spotted. Hopefully that clears it up! :slight_smile:

Reply to @fonthaunt: Have I got the gist of this? This is how my link looks when not cloaked or shortened …(not self-promotional here)

Darn, that is not how I hoped they would look :frowning: