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What is the max earning from Fiverr in a month

I was wondering what would be the max earning in a single month for different levels of sellers. So what if we just comment on our gig category and max amount earned in a single month till now?

So we all will be able to measure our works, efforts and how others are working too.

I am a very newbie to Fiverr. And my max earning was $250 in a month till now.

What about you??

There is no “MAX” amount you can earn on Fiverr. You can earn a million if you get enough orders even if you’re at NO LEVEL. L1 sellers may earn more than L2 seller. Earning per month cannot be determined by the seller level. Hope this make sense. :slightly_smiling_face:


I know I know @helloscoopz. I am asking to share what you have earned max in a month? Will you share it please?

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Frank_d earned $42k over Christmas …


Why ask people what the max they’ve earned in a month is? What’s the point?

Some earn zero every month. Some earn over $10,000 a month.


It is just a discussion

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I’m zero $ since januari 2020.

It’s good to know to increasing the spirit of being a freelancer and to make a decision about will the seller stay as a freelancer, be a freelancer or stop and get a job at the office working for the company as the employee.

It’s totally the same. How much someone earns wouldn’t help you to make a decision because again someone might earn zero working in design industry and someone make 10000 also working in design.

It’s actually the same in accurate as asking someone if you should go find a job in the offfice and how much do you earn? Which country, what level, what industry, what company etc?
HR can earn different money depending on their experience. Even HR assistants for example can make different amount of money depending on a country and industry they are in :woman_shrugging: He assistant in the UK might earn 3000£ per month where in Russia the same HR assistant will earn only 400£

Totally irrelevant to make your decision based on this.

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There are people who earn $50,000 a month on fiverr. Will you earn that much?

Do you see that and say to yourself “I will earn $50,000 a month here!”

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It’s diferent.
as a freelancer you can’t get specific monthly payments.
But if you’re working under the company as employee, you can get clear and specific monthly.

I want it sooooooo bad :star_struck:
with that $50.000 I’ll buy you guys gigs every month.

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