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What is the maximum amount you have earned from a single custom order?

I was curious about the wonders that custom orders can do, I made a maximum of about $30 in customs. Please share your experience.

I earned $35 first time and second time $30.

Here is my Logo Gig at which I earned.

$250 for wedding videography :wink:

$280 for complete website design :smiley:

Oh Man, that is amazing :slight_smile: Is that including Fiverr comissions?

Reply to @anurag_khetan: Yes

My first ever sale on fiverr was $100 for a Full Brand Package

I just finished proofing and copyediting an entire book. It’s a bit nerve-wracking to do such a large job and hope the client is happy. Thankfully, he was!

Mine is $60… $20 for the article and $40 as a tip :wink:

So far $60

Reply to @ryan9999: Your tip was twice the amount you charged for your gig? Nice.

$50 - 80 - 100 $100 is my maximum

mine is $35

Reply to @kozakura: Thanks!

70$ sor far.

200$ for a logo design :slight_smile:

Mine is $40.

my minimum $10 and Maximum $600.

Just delivered One custom order for $194.


$50 :slight_smile: